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Website Sells Tools to Help Shoplifting, but Law Can’t Shut it Down

This Sydney-based website distributes a range of equipment for thieves which have been designed to remove security tags, allowing the shoplifter to remain undetected.

It even has ‘how-to’ videos, where a young woman in a pink bra demonstrates how to use the products to foil a range of different security measures to steal clothes, sunglasses and liquor.

There are calls for the online store to be shut down but despite investigations from the National Retail Association, the website is currently not breaking any laws – even though it is distributing products that encourage and facilitate crime.

The website founder, who wished to remain anonymous, said that they are doing nothing wrong.

‘We are not doing anything new, there are many companies selling these (products) both direct to the public and to stores,’ he said.

He also believes that shop owners should know that security tags are not an adequate measure to prevent theft.

‘There are currently no regulations on the sale of these products.’

The website is also used to distribute their own line of clothing and point out that they would never trust security tags with their own products.

‘As we tell the stores who stock our clothing range, security tags should not be relied on as the only form of loss prevention.’

The brand is hugely popular with almost 30,000 people following their Facebook page.

However it’s not known how many people are buying the shoplifting tools, which they call ‘rack masters’.

one of the biggest problems which has allowed the website to remain open for five years in the Australian law.

The legislation is being examined to potentially find a way to ban the distribution of these products.

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