Student Breaks Her Ankle During Yishun Bus Stop Upgrading Works

A 19-year-old student didn’t expect that the simple act of making a phone call would lead to her breaking an ankle.

Huang Jia Min was walking past a bus stop at Yishun Central, across the road from Khoo Teck Phuat hospital when she whipped out her mobile phone.

At the time, the bus stop was under construction and a temporary bus shelter was erected.

Huang accidentally stepped into a 20cm gap at worksite.

To avoid falling down, she tried to balance herself using her right foot.

That’s when she felt a piercing pain surge through her right leg.

It turns out, she had broken her right ankle.

Fortunately, passers-by stopped to help and called for an ambulance.

Huang was sent to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, where she had to be operated on.

Screws and iron plates were inserted into to support her broken ankle, and doctors said it would take about 5 months for her to start walking normally.

The incident took place on 21 February at around 11am.

According to Huang, there were no warning signs around the area that she took a tumble.

Huang’s father, who went to check the scene the next day, the gap had been filled, while yellow warning strips had been painted and railings installed.

He feels that the accident could have been avoided if these warnings were put up earlier, and wants authorities to offer an explanation and compensation.

The LTA has said that it is aware of the incident and are providing assistance.

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