Want a BTO Flat? You May Have to Wait Till 2029 if Lucky

New Build-To-Order flats are heavily oversubscribed to tune of about 7 applicants to 1 unit.

And if you’re lucky enough to get one, you might just have to wait unti 2029 to collect your keys.

The HDB launched 9655 BTO flats for sale yesterday, amongst these Prime Location Housing flats, and others in non-mature estates.

But the wait times have left many disgruntled.

In Queenstown, successful applicants can only collect their keys between 2028 and 2029.

The same goes for BTO flat developments in Yishun and Bukit Batok.

Only developments in Tengah see a 2027 completion date.

The long wait times of up to 7 years from date of application has left many youn Singaporeans wondering whether the government is sincere about meeting their housing needs.

Especially since the median age of first marriages in Singapore stands at around 30 years in 2021, and 29 years old in 2020.

That would mean a couple that applies for a BTO flat would only get get to move in when they are around 36 years old.

Others have raised issues over affordability, since around 30 percent of the new flats are considered as PLH and the more expensive upfront cost has priced out many potential new applicants.

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