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Woman Accuses Maid’s Ex-Employer of Poaching, Causing Her to Lose S$5100

When her maid suddenly began to lose focus and act indifferently at home, her employer sensed something was up.

It was only after she checked the maid’s phone that she realised why.

34-year-old Mdm Liang said that her maid, who was hired in Sept 2022, had always been well-behaved and got along well with her children.

But last month, the maid began to act indifferently around the house.

Mdm Liang was helping her maid to fix her malfunctioning mobile phone when she came across a text exchange with someone who she claims is the maid’s ex-employer.

She said that the former employer had been encouraging the maid to come up with excuses so her current employer, Mdm Liang, would terminate her employment and the maid agency would then arrange for a transfer back to his household.

Mdm Liang believes that the reason for this is a S$3850 loan that the maid took upon coming to work in Singapore.

She said that the former employer wanted to wait till she had paid off the maid’s loan in March, although this has not been verified.

Since the discovery, Mdm Liang said that the ex-employer has had a change of heart.

However, she has terminated the maid’s employment.

Mdm Liang is upset that because of this incident, she needs to spend $5100 more to hire a new maid.

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