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Would You Pay S$16 for This Plate of “Economic” Rice?

Economic rice stalls are a staple across Singapore hawker centres and kopitiams, popular as a low-cost food choice among both blue-collar and white-collar workers.

But at S$16, this economic rice stall is hardly economic.

The rice came with steamed egg with minced meat, beans with three slices of squid and a portion of pork with chilli.

Even though the stall is based at a food court in Marina Bay Sands, known for being an atas shopping destination, many Singaporeans are still alarmed at the exorbitant price for what’s supposed to be “economic”.

Some have commented that though that the rice is considered as “2 meat 1 seafood” instead of “1 meat 2 vegetable”, so it’s going to be costlier.

That’s because even a small slice of meat or seafood mixed into a largely vegetable serving is now considered a meat or seafood serving.

Others have speculated that the cost of sotong, even though it’s just 3 slices on a bed of vegetables, is going to cost at least S$6 to S$8, and only blur like sotong diners are going to order a servings like that.

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