Towkay Quietly Withheld Overtime Pay from Food Stall Aunty for 2 Years and Still Refuses to Pay Up

She worked as a food stall kitchen helper  slicing sweet potatoes from Monday to Saturday, 10am to 7pm, for a monthly salary of S$1200.

But recently, 67-year-old Mdm Wong discovered that according to Singapore’s manpower regulations, employees are supposed to receive overtime pay if they work more than 44 hours a week.

The Employment Act stipulates that employees should receive 1.5 times their hourly basic rate of pay should they work overtime.

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Since she had been working 10 hours a week beyond the normal working hours for the past two years now, Mdm Wong asked her boss to pay her her dues.

However, she was left disappointed.

Her boss said he would revise her working hours so she’ll only have to work 44 hours week, but brushed aside talk about the overtime pay she was owed.

Upon discovering his mom so despondent, Mdm Wong’s son dug further and found out what was bothering her.

He gave her boss a call, only to be told by the towkay that he doesn’t pay “13th month bonus”.

A frustrated Mdm Wong has resigned from her job, and is seeking redress from the Ministry of Manpower.

She says that she never asked for a “13th month bonus”, just what she was owed for the extra work she performed since starting work in April 2013 at the food stall.

She says that the amount could reach up to S$7000, but she’s skeptical that the MOM can help her to recover the money.

Find out more about Singapore’s manpower regulations here.



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