Tuition is Necessary to Give Singapore Students a Shot at a Bright Future

In the 1970s and 80s, the school syllabus was easy to comprehend, and many pupils passed their term examinations easily.

As years passed, the syllabus became more difficult for many, and it has become a necessary cost for parents to ensure their children get a better understanding and good foundation of their subjects to do well in the year-end exams.

I was shocked, however, to learn from online platforms that parents are paying tutors thousands of dollars, not to guide their children, but to do the homework and assessments given during term breaks.

I was against paying money for tuition for our two children, but my wife insisted that tuition was necessary and would reap rewards. She spent around S$2,000 monthly during their secondary-school days, and after completing their secondary education with good results, they are today doing their diplomas in the polytechnics.

In short, in our results-oriented society, children need tuition to provide them with a bright future, but not tutors to do their assessments and homework. This defeats the purpose and does not give our young the motivation to succeed.



This letter was written by Paul Antony Fernandez.
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