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Two Men Allegedly Undress and Get Up to Naughty Business in MRT Station Toilet


KEV: Came across these photos which were taken at a toilet in an MRT station, which I believe is Clementi MRT station. The two men are holed up in a cubicle together with their bare male bits hanging and were apparently engaged in some naughty business.

I think there is a need for police and MRT staff to poke around and be more vigilant. They must keep watch for “strange” happenings to make sure that our children are safe. Might be a bit difficult to police for such things going on behind closed doors, but maybe the sound would be a dead giveaway?

UPDATE:  Following rigorous checks, a report of this incident involving the two sex shoguns has been traced to a Hong Kong publication,which published over 20 photos sent in by a reader of the crossing of swords at an unidentified bus station. Read more: Clementi in the Clear: Toilet Sex Shoguns Whipped It Out at a Different Station)


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