Two Years of Self-Study Later, China Man Builds His Own Supercar for Just S$6600

Possibly why the Singapore Gahmen keeps harping on SkillsFuture!

This 27-year-old man from Hainan province just unveiled his self-made set of hot wheels at the 2015 Hainan International Automotive Industry Exhibition.

Yes, this super attas-looking car that makes a Lamborghini look like a Chery QQ comparison.

All it took university dropout Chen Yinxi – 6 months and S$6600 .

Chen is probably going to be a big hit with the ladies after this.

Chen was studying car engineering at the Huanan Agricultural University.

After two years, and a lot of self-study into building cars, he was encouraged to give up his studies and work at his family’s factory.

But that wasn’t enough to put off the car-lover, who made his super attas-looking car on the side as a hobby.

His car isn’t allowed on the roads, despite being put up for show.

Oh yeah, and it travels at a max speed of 60km/h (which means that Lambo still kicks ass).

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