Uncle Attacked when He Ran Away from Wild Boar at Hillview, then Bus Runs Over and Kills It

We don’t know whether to feel sorrier for the wild boar or the 44-year-old uncle it attacked.

After all, both were just minding their own business when their paths crossed.

It wasn’t love at first sight.

The man was walking outside a condominium at Hillview Avenue today at about 8.43am when he spotted the wild boar coming his way.

He tried to run away but fell down, and that’s when the wild boar charged at him.

The man suffered cuts and scratches on both legs and was sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital by paramedics.

The wild boar wasn’t as fortunate – it got hit by a bus while trying to flee the scene and later died from its injuries.

The last time a wild boar attacked a human here was on 30 June.

Then, a woman who was walking her dog was gored in the leg and needed 60 stitches for her 10cm-long wound.

If you see a wild boar, do not run or make other movements that might startle it.

Also, for LKY’s sake, please don’t try to take a selfie with it (you selfie lovers like Baey, you know who you are).

Just act as though there’s nothing unusual and walk on.

Polite Singaporeans, please refrain from saying “good morning Mr Boar” – it could be a zha bor boar hor.


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