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Ungrateful Singaporeans Complain About the PAP Government but Forget the Benefits They Receive

This short essay/lecture/reminder on the need for Singaporeans to wisen up and be grateful for what the government gives them was written by Desmond Chua Aik Hong and posted on Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page.

DESMOND CHUA: People should appreciate what the government has done for the people and the country. Take public housing for example, it should be a about simple basic housing, and we should be happy in getting just a simple 3 room flat. Instead government is giving us more choices.

We have the choice of bigger unit, private condo liked EC project and amenities. We are even given 2 times to buy a public housing unit directly from HDB. I can’t think of any country where the government provides public housing benefits and choices to its people in such a scale like ours.

Some complained they are homeless, but didn’t confess they had already used up the 2 entitlements of buying direct from HDB. They twice make profit, eventually mismanaged their fund and ended up homeless, and start to blame the government for not helping them. If this group people deserve help then I would also like to sell my house for a profit and seek help from the government.

There are many other instances when people make complaint, like inflation. We import almost everything we need here and exporting countries are raising prices for there products and every country is facing this inflation problem.

Please have a thought of what we are enjoying here, despite the small land we have, the lack of natural resources, except its small population, the multi-racial and multi-cultural society we live in.



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