Van Driver Shouts “F*cking Bangla… Stare What Stare?” in Unprovoked Racist Attack on Cyclist

A local magazine writer was the unwitting victim of an unprovoked racist attack last night.

Terence Ruis says he was cycling home when a Chinese man who was in a van yelled at him, using the term “F*cking Bangla”.

Ruis said he noticed there were at least 3 men in the van, and so he avoided a confrontation and peddled away.

That’s when, he says, the same Chinese man shouted at him again, saying “Stare what stare?”.

Ruis says he didn’t manage to get the number plate of the van.

He has shared his story to remind Singaporeans that racism does occur in Singapore.

This is how Ruis described the encounter:

“Tonight, as I cycled home from my girlfriend’s place, a van slowed down ahead of me, and a young Chinese man stuck his head out of the van to yell “Fucking Bangla” at me.

Of course it immediately made me mad so I stopped to look at them, and as the van approached I saw that there were at least 3 men in the vehicle. I was fuming, but I knew I was outnumbered, and this could turn south quickly, so I continued cycling.

As I cycled away, the same young man shouted, “Stare, what stare”. This rant won’t do much, but as I sit at my desk, shell shocked at what transpired tonight, I want you to know that shit like this still happens.

If you think racism doesn’t occur anymore think again. Shouldn’t anyone in Singapore have a right to feel safe? Tonight, I certainly didn’t.”


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