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[VIDEO] And the Only Chap in Singapore Who Dares to Spurn PM Lee’s Handshake is…

It appears that the only chap in Singapore who has the gall to refuse a handshake with our Prime Minister… is a robot!

The cheeky metal creature spurned PM Lee at the opening ceremony of Fusionopolis Two yesterday.

One of the 30 percent of robots, perhaps?

Strangely enough, the robot was even programmed to greet PM Lee in his own voice.

Just shows that you can curtail freedom of speech, but not freedom of action, even in a pack of nuts and bolts!

Fusionopolis Two is the latest addition to research and development hub, one-north.

It comprises of 3 towers, and sits on land the size of 10 football fields.

Fusionopolis One was launched back in 2008.


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