[VIDEO] Ang Moh Mini Driver Flashes Middle Finger at Driver who Sped Up to Block Him from Changing Lanes


A driver who sped up to stop an ang moh driving a Mini Cooper to prevent him from turning into his lane just experienced the anger that comes when people, well, speed up to purposely block others from changing lanes.

The incident took place along Upper Thomson Road yesterday at about 5.30pm.

The ang moh Mini driver signalled to turn left, and was just about to make the turn when he realised that he got blocked.

He then angrily sped up and cut into the lane before flashing the middle finger at the driver who tried to block him (aka the driver who recorded this video).


The driver who recorded the video, with perhaps much righteous indignation, shared the video online.

But, it appears that he’s the one who’s getting whacked by netizens instead.

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