[VIDEO] CCTV Camera Catches Poltergeist Disturbing Drinkers at Singapore Bar!

Yeah, Seventh Month is over, but pastor Kong Hee hasn’t gone to jail yet so that doesn’t mean naughty ghost can anyhow disturb the living.

But is seems that one poltergeist (German for “noisy ghost”) didn’t get the drift.

This CCTV footage from a bar said to be Cato in South Bridge Road shows just how playful (and boliao aka “nothing better to do”)  some poltergeists can be – if its authentic and not edited to screw with our senses.

Watch the two ang mohs have a drink at the bar counter.

At about 18″, the empty chair next to them begins to rock for no apparent reason.

It then crashes to the ground, giving the ang mohs a fright before Halloween this coming weekend.

The rocking looks deliberate and not brought on by some random gust of wind or Sun Ho’s screeching vocals.

And then…. that little kid dashing about!

Looks like the bouncers weren’t doing their job of barring all below 18 from entering.

Or does that rule apply to humans only?

We’d recommend calling in THE bomoh, but he’s too busy fighting the haze.

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