[VIDEO] Comfort Taxi Driver Accused of Dangerous Driving and “Roti Prata” Story-Telling

TAN YIM CHUAN: On 16/10/17 2210hrs, this taxi driver SHD7056C drive along AYE before Clementi exit, non stop spraying the windscreen cleaning water when the traffic moving slow especially when there are motorcycles behind his taxi.

At first he spray, he might be just clean his windscreen. But, he keep repeat and I horned at him. This f*cking driver and me were in lane 1 and he tailgate me and force me to road side and cause me nearly hit the road divider. I on double signal light and force him slow his taxi but he even show more aggressive driving attitude.


A Suzuki swift behind the taxi cut in front on us with double signal too to see what’s going on and I immediate ride beside him and shout that I need your help to stop the taxi. This Suzuki driver stop immediate and came down and show identity that he is policeman and ask me what happening.

This taxi driver knowing the police just in front him and start roti prata story telling. When he try to take my photo, he even didn’t pull break and nearly hit the policeman private car. End up the policeman scold him and advice me to make a report to Comfort Taxi and LTA about this matter.

If anyone see this uncle, please stay away from him!



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