[VIDEO]: Comfort Taxi makes Last-Minute Lane Change, Crosses Road Divider and almost Crashes into Motorcyclist


A Comfort cab was caught making a dangerous manoeuvre on the expressway that could have seriously injured a motorcyclist.

The incident took place last night at about 9.15pm.

Amir Akyd was turning out of the expressway when a Comfort taxi on his right side suddenly cut across the road divider and almost hit his motorcycle.

He said:

“SHD3418T…First you exit at high speed…then u try to push me aside when you’re supposed to be forming up behind me…When you gets impatient…you overtook cut across 2 lanes.. What’s the hurry?”


Fortunately, Amir managed to slow down just in time.

Otherwise, he might have been hit the same way this Food Panda delivery driver was hit due to reckless driving!


This plowing of the Food Panda deliveryman also took place last night, at around 11.50pm at the junction of Yishun Avenue 1 and Mandai Avenue.

It’s unclear what happened after the video, but we hope the rider is alright.



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