[VIDEO] Curiosity ALMOST Killed the Cat: SPCA Saves Kitten Saved from Deadly 12-Storey Tumble

If you’re given 9 lives, why waste them on a hang-gliding stunt without the hang-glider?

This kitten almost used up one while it was perched precariously on the ledge of a 12th floor HDB flat unit.

Fortunately, a quick-thinking rescue officer from the SPCA and police officers made sure that it got down safely.

Don’t try this at home kids – you’re not as furry and cute… and heng!

This video was uploaded by the SPCA.

Commenting on the incident, the animal welfare organisation said:

“We received a call from a concerned member of the public yesterday, notifying us of a kitten that was on a ledge of a unit opposite his block at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3.

When our rescue officer, Yao Huang, arrived at the block, there were already two officers from Ang Mo Kio North neighbourhood police centre there. Yao Huang proceeded to the unit on the 12th storey, while the police officers remained on the ground floor, with an opened blanket, to assist with the rescue mission.

Our rescue officer swiftly brought the kitten to safety. The kitten was then reunited with its owner.

The owner was advised by our rescue officer, to mesh up the windows and gate, to prevent the kitten from slipping out of the unit and/or falling out of the windows. Cats and kittens are curious animals and they risk falling out of an open window by simple acts such as chasing a bird that was flying past.

Listed in this link www.catwelfare.org/meshing from Cat Welfare Society, are some options for securing your windows and gates.

World Animal Day reminds us that we can make a difference with small acts of kindness such as reporting cases of animals in distress or creating a safe home for our pets.

We thank the caller who alerted us to this case and the two police officers from Ang Mo Kio North neighbourhood police centre, for their assistance in our rescue mission.”



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