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VIDEO: Hero Guide Talks About Dramatic Earthquake Rescue: “We had to Stop Many Times, but I Tried My Best…”

The mountain guide hero who saved a Singaporean boy, interviewed by Malaysia’s The Star.

“The boy couldn’t move as he had injured his back. We gave him something to eat. I also shared some water with him. We then lifted him, and I carried him on my back.”

“He told me not to move fast because the impact was hurting him. Normally, it would take me only two hours to travel between the two points. But I took my time bringing him down. “The boy kept saying he was in pain, and he couldn’t stand it. We had to stop many times, but I tried my best to quickly bring him to the Layang-Layang Hut.”

The dramatic rescue, in the words of Mohd Rizuan:

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