[VIDEO] Horror Accident Sees Motorcyclist and Pillion Flung off Bike

A horrific accident on the CTE/SLE towards Woodlands, just before the Lentor Rd exit.

A car appeared to have stalled on the extreme right lane, and cars behind it were seen changing lanes due to the obstruction.

However, a motorcyclist didn’t see the stalled car and rode straight into it.


The impact flung both rider and pillion off the motorcycle.

While the motorcyclist crashed into the stalled car, the pillion rider was flung into the air metres ahead of the vehicle.

The incident took place on Monday morning and was caught on tape by Manster Wirman.

Some have blamed the motorcyclist for speeding and hence not having enough time to react.

Others say the driver of the stalled car should have put up a hazard sign ahead of the car to warn other road users to slow down.

Nonetheless, the accident is yet another reminder of the need for vigilance on the road.




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