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[VIDEO] Man in Singapore Polytechnic Shirt Caught on CCTV Stealing from Malaysia Shop


It’s unclear whether this man is from Singapore Polytechnic, but he was caught red-handed stealing from a store in Malaysia wearing a t-shirt from the school.

The incident took place at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on Sunday at about 3pm.

In the video, SP Man can be seen picking up and holding a black electronic device in his left hand.

He then browses around the store with a female companion.

CCTV footage shows SP Man putting down the electronic device at one point of time, then picking it up again just before he leaves the store with his female companion.

Store staff Yue Ting Chua shared this video seeking help to identify the mystery thief.

Chua says that any help in identifying the culprit will be much appreciated.



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