[VIDEO] OMG, Girl Takes Her Pet PANDAS Out for a Walk at Orchard Road???

We usually see stars after 4 pints of beer each, but not friggin PANDAS being walked on a leash down Orchard Road!

But one girl did, and she very likely wasn’t drunk at the time.

Said Natri Nut:

“While walking towards ION…suddenly joanne told me eh panda…I being silly turn and saw and IT definitely looks like panda…almost went to hug it. Then I realise that they are dogs…they REALLY look like panda! !!”

The “pandas” are really Chow Chow pooches coloured to look like the bears that eat shoots and leaves.

They were being walked by a lady, Meng Jiang, who’s pretty much a stunner herself!

For a fee, you can lease the panda dogs from Panda Chow Chows and take photos of yourself walking them.

Yes, the dogs are dyed.

But Panda Chow Chows says they love their makeover:

“The white colour on the Panda Chow Chows is their natural coat colour, the black areas are dyed. The dye used is professional dog hair dye and is 100% organic, non-toxic and safe for dogs.”

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