[VIDEO] Siao Lang Yishun Condo Security Guard Flashes “Peace” Sign while Attacking Food Delivery Rider


Siao Lang Town has just chalked up another siao lang incident – this time, involving a security guard from The Canopy condominium.

The incident took place yesterday (22 Feb) at about 10.33am.

The security guard was caught on video trying to obstruct the delivery rider from leaving the condominium premises for no apparent reason.

And, he scolded the delivery rider in Chinese – the rider is a Malay dude.

All this, while displaying a “peace” sign with his fingers.

At one point, the security guard kicked the delivery rider’s slippers aside as he tried to retrieve them.

It’s uncertain why the incident erupted to such magnitude that the police had to be called in.

Prior to the altercation, the delivery rider reported that the security guard tried to prevent him from entering the condominium premises to make his delivery.

Police are investigating the incident.



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