VIDEO: Singapore in 1964 – What We Looked Like Before Independence

Time to take a trip down memory lane folks, to the Singapore of yesteryear.

This video montage was captured by Hans Brinckmann and his wife when they visited Singapore all the way back in 1964!

It was recorded on Kodachrome 8mm film.

Yes, that’s the old Chase Manhattan Bank, and trishaw pullers who didn’t have to fear getting run over by a renegade Ferrari.

redwire singapore 1964 chase manhattan bank
redwire singapore 1964 trishaw

And ang moh women actually wore proper swimsuits (bathing suits) to go swimming, compared to the tiny two-piece on show today!

redwire singapore 1964 swimsuits
redwire singaproe bikini ang moh sentosa

Not forgetting the Singapore River and our Duck tour operators.

Oops, those are actual boatmen on delivery, and not camera-wielding Mumbai tourists.

redwire singapore 1964 boats
We’ve come a pretty long way since then.

Wonder what the country will be like 50 years from SG50.

redwire singapore 1964 shophouses

redwire singapore 1964 women fashion

Watch the full video and experience a slice of Singapore from the past, courtesy of tourists Hans Brinckmann and wife!

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