[VIDEO] Singapore Uncle Screams at China “Trash” to “Kneel Down” for Allegedly Stealing His Seat on the MRT

“You are trash”, “You are low class”, “I am your lord, you are a dog…” these were just some of the insults among a bevy of curses hurled at a China native by this Singaporean uncle on board the MRT.

All this, allegedly because the China national had taken the uncle’s seat on the train.

Another commuter, and subsequently, even SMRT staff intervenes to try and cool things down.

But, you can still hear Singapore uncle’s curse coming loud and fiery:

“Go back to your country! You country bumpkin. You are smelly trash. You are a low class person.”

Singapore uncle even demanded that his “train foe” kneel down to him, because he’s a “dog” lah.

It’s uncertain why Singapore Uncle got so worked up and insulting, but his story makes our third siao lang tale for today, after this Sembawang siao lang and his siao lang comrade from the neighbouring town of Yishun.


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