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[VIDEO] Singaporean’s Car in JB Stolen in Just 10 Seconds!

10 seconds – that’s about all the time it took for car thieves in Johor Bahru to break into, and drive off with a Singaporean man’s car that was parked in Tebrau City shopping mall.

And in broad daylight!

The victim, Nolan Khoo, says he had parked his Honda Civic 2.0 SDX3505S at Tebrau City yesterday (10 Aug) at about 4.20pm.

That was when the thieves struck.

“The car thief is so advance and skillful in broad daylight. I never thought my manual car is so in demand.”

This CCTV footage caught a man emerging from a white SUV, and walking towards Mr Khoo’s car.

The man appears to fiddle with a tiny hand-held device, and thereafter manages to open Mr Khoo’s car with ease.

He then drives off with the loot.

Throughout the whole episode, onlookers would be hard-pressed to believe that anything was amiss.

Mr Khoo has appealed to the public to inform the police should anyone spot his car.

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