Damn Funny Lah

Watch Here: The Sun Ho Song that Topped the Billboard Top 100!

The only one who could ever reach me... Was the wife of a preacher man!

The only one who could ever reach me… Was the wife of a preacher man!

Sorry, no such song exist. Sun Ho is a failed Hollywood wannabe who only made it there on the back of church money.

S$50 million of church money.City Harvest members are probably feeling as cheated as you do when you clicked on that headline!

As you’re reading this, there’s about 50,000 Sun Ho CDs stacked in warehouses or trash burners.

Sun Ho studied at Victoria Junior College, a top school, but still was too dim to see that talent, looks and the X-factor count too when it comes to crowning a star. Sleeping with Kong Hee gets you places, but not everywhere, dear.

P.S This isn’t an indictment of religion. It’s a secular tale, about as secular as Sun Ho’s musical career flop.

City Harvest funded this trash??


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