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Where’s the Accountability for Lapses: “Calibration” or Just Headless Fire-Fighting?

ELSON: Where is the accountability for the airport lapses?

Staff assigned to work in high-risk areas were allowed to have their meals at the T3 food court, which was open to the public.

The high-risk area was very consciously segregated, and designated as an area for high-risk travellers.

So why were the staff allowed to have their meals in areas which are open to the public?

This is exceptionally disturbing because the government has imposed a half-baked lockdown, barring eating outdoors and businesses like gyms and bars from opening.

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, who was Transport Minister when the whole airport lapse sprung, has now taken his place on the multi-ministry task force.

Task force de facto “leader” Lawrence Wong (seeing how Gan Kim Yong is probably a better tai chi master than Wong Fei Hong) infamously said that the increase in Covid-19 cases is not because Singapore has allowed in more foreign travellers.

Well, the airport cluster has become the biggest cluster in Singapore to date.

When Singaporeans were calling for a travel ban on persons from high-risk countries, the task force ignored us.

Mainstream media even ran a long piece with experts telling us how we shouldn’t worry.

Then, the explosion.

So far, there’s been no apologies whatsoever.

Information privy to these ministers is much more than what we laymen are exposed to.

And yet, they cannot make decisions and have to continuously be on the backpedal?

These are the 4G leaders that Singapore is entrusting its future to?

There seems to be no clear plan of action, just fire-fighting.

And even the fire-fighting looks like it’s not well-considered.

Look at the one-day U-turns on gym closures, and the “one day ok, next day ban” on travellers from high-risk countries.

The task force has prided itself on its “calibration” approach.

That’s starting to look more like headless fire-fighting.

To Larry and co, please forgive Singaporeans for thinking that you don’t know what you’re doing.

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