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Who will Save Us from Gahmen Harrassment?

It’s very comforting to know that our cheng hu cares that cyber-bullying is going on and wants to tackle it  by introducing new anti-harassment legislation. But for those of us affected by the gahmen’s bullying tactics, what recourse do we have? We could hide in a corner and cry, but even then, probably still kena caught by CCTV (then even more pai seh).


What’s the Bill About?

The Bill states unlawful stalking as engaging in a course of conduct which causes harassment, alarm or distress to a victim; and the accused intends or ought to reasonably know that it would do so.

Examples of acts which are associated with stalking in the Bill include:

– following a victim or a related person, attempting to make any communication by any means to the victim or a related person,

-loitering in any place, interfering with property in the possession of the victim or a related person, giving or

-sending material to the victim or a related person, and keeping the victim or related person under surveillance.

A fine up to S$5,000, a jail term not exceeding 12 months or both may await those who flout at least one of these clauses.


Who will Save Us from the Government’s Veiled Fist?

Let’s see…

If the common man on the street wants to speak up in public about his grouse against the police handling of the Little India riot, he has to apply for a permit from the police to speak up against their handling of the riot, or face charges from the police.

The MDA threatens to take internet commentators to task if they don’t fall in line with its vague requirements, to the point where even Bertha Henson would rather shut down her popular Breakfast Network page just to shove it to the government.

Our mainstream press is commonly know and termed as the mouthpiece of the government, and internationally, Singapore has slipped yet again – this time to 150 in the Press Freedom index, which goes to show the extent the veiled hand of censorship has over our poor pressmen.

From the common man, to the mainstream pressmen, to the new wave of internet writers, aren’t we all facing harassment which induces the fear in us to act in a certain way desired by the aggressor?

Hasn’t the aggressor communicated its intentions, knowing full well what this would do to influence behaviour?

Who will protect us?

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