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Why Do Our Men in White Love to Drop “Cum” Everywhere They Can?


This fella more paiseh, put “cum” in small caps”. Maybe because Halimah is GOH of the LNY cum Appreciation Party

Don’t you love how freely our grassroots leaders use the word “cum”?

In this story, we’d like to scrutinise their “cum” usage in detail.

Apparently, there’s no “and” to all this “cum”, when you prod around and see the banners they’ve erected.

It seems that grassroots leaders and their advisors like to drop “cum” in every banner they can get their hands on.

Even (or especially) when it comes to dumplings.


Cum Dumplings, anyone?

Ok, stop laughing.

This is serious.

What does “cum” even mean?

For the clueless, it means “and” lah.

For the not-so-clueless, you’ll probably understand more about the other white substance that is associated with the word.

And that substance usually involves some form of cleaning up.


Don’t mess about, keep Singapore clean.

This story will probably leave some with a bad taste in their mouths.

But at least you, and our clueless men in white will now know better than to drop “cum” all over the place, as and when they see fit.



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