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“Why the Idea of a Pioneer Generation Package Disturbs Me”

Here’s why the idea of a Pioneer Generation Package disturbs me. While I am absolutely happy to know that the elderly now are covered by a package that makes their lives more affordable to upkeep, the fact that it applies to a single generation and not to future generations means that:

– The government is not interested in changing their policies to aid in a future with even more elderly than now.

– They’d rather splurge on a massive one-off campaign to placate sentiments than seek long term solutions through tweaking the system.

– Their ads in various dialects, while nice, is so alarmingly hypocritical, given that this is the very governance that salted the earth for dialects in Singapore years ago.

– Lastly, by employing such carrot-dangling tactics, they continue to treat the people like the daft, gluttonous nation they’d like to think they’ve conditioned.

GE is coming, and I hope people are not going to be taken in by such superfluous and downright insulting tricks.

We need LONG TERM policy changes, referendums and a nationwide education on what good governance should entail.

Lets start then with what it should not entail – stagnant adherence to bullshit.


This commentary was written by Biddy Low and first published on his Facebook page.
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