Woman Wins Fame by Snuggling in Bed with a Pig (Who Isn’t Her Husband)


It takes a tolerant husband to stand his wife sleeping with any other pig than him.

And this Beijing lady’s husband had better have a lot of tolerance in store, though her pet dog is seething with jealousy.

27-year-old Zhu Chou has raised her beloved pet since it was a piglet, to the point where they even snuggle up in bed together!

She even dresses the pig, takes it out for walks, and sleeps with it every day.

The pampered porker’s nickname is “Zhu Dian Dian”, or “Crazy Pig” in English.

But who’s the crazy one, really?

Regardless, Zhu Chou’s trotting the path to fame.

Pictures which she has uploaded on Weibo showing her and her prized pet have gained tens of thousands of “Likes”.

Oh, what a ham!


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