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Yee-Haa! Singaporeans Gangnam Away in Penang Nude Sports Video

Stop beating about the bush and just ride lah!

Stop beating about the bush and ride lah!

So some Singaporeans were caught horsing around and hanging loose in Penang. What’s the big deal, especially since the only big thing we saw in the video is stomachs. Without beating about the bush, these guys are called “naturists”, and they appear to have gotten approval from the Park Ranger before letting the good times roll.  So that’s a feather in the cap to them.

The five-minute video shows the group in the nude participating in activities such as body painting, a relay race, a group crab-walk and a Gangnam-style dance with one woman riding a man who was on all fours like a horse. The video was reportedly shot at Teluk Kampi, which is touted as the longest beach at the Penang National Park.

If they didn’t post the video, the public could probably let sleeping dogs lie. But now with this, probably everyone be going “Wah lau how come so happening but I’m not there. This one not Commonwealth Games so anyone can join right? ” and they’ll  want to take a leaf out of the book of these naturists. Which means, good luck finding another beach the next time you want to get up to these shenanigans. They’ll probably be taken by then.



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