Youth Finds Fake S$100 Note and Makes Even Better Copies to Cheat Cashiers!

Which of these notes is the real deal?

It’s the top one.

But one 22-year-old who’s been jailed for 4 months on cheating and fraud charges was banking on the idea that many cashiers across Singapore wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Having found a fake S$100 note by chance at East Coast Park, he scanned and printed out 7 copies of the fake notes.

The young man was careful in his preparation – seeing that the fake note didn’t have the watermark found in real notes, he went online and found an image of the watermark, digitally altered the image of the fake note to include it, then made copies of it.

He then went to minimarts and other department stores to make purchases so as to exchange the fake S$100 notes for real cash.

One of those purchases included a packet of cigarettes, which was bought when he was showing off his new fake notes to his younger brother.

Now, that’s a tale of entrepreneurship gone wrong.

Besides the look alone, real notes also feel different from fake notes.

Some tell-tale signs include the feel of the engraving, and the weight of the printed braille code.

You can find out more about how to tell when a note is fake here, courtesy of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Just don’t try making fake ones!

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